Thursday, 11 June 2009


Hi my darlings!
I'm back home in cloudy England, where it's absolutely
freezing, drinking hot rose hip soup and running around
the house in woolly socks, unpacking and doing laundry.
For the first time in my life didn't want to go home.
We had a lot of fun and also relaxing quality time away
from everything.
I've toned up a bit by swimming and walking every day
(very much needed since I've been ill for 6 months) and
I also got a nice tan, without looking like an old leather

Screamin Festival was fun, we only did the beach party
and the pool party this time. We tend to party so much
during the day that the evening events seems to always
disappoint us for some reason.
Got rid of almost all my hair flowers thanks to my man
who put on lipstick and hair flowers.
My favorite customers was Bernie Dexter and Devil Doll.
(I still can't believe B wore a full make up on a hot day.
I did found out why, it's because she hates her freckles.)

It was nice to catch up with friends we don't see that often.
Made a couple of new friends too!

Rock n' Roll Holidays was crap, that's all I got to say...

Didn't do much shopping but I did find a charity shop where
everything cost like €1 each.
I got a whole bunch of stuff like vintage tops, cardigans and
a large piece of cute apple print fabric which I'm gonna turn
into a 1950's blouse as soon as I feel creative.
I also managed to get my sticky paws on some vintage fully
fashioned stockings
in an old shop that's been running since
the late 50's but were about to shut down, I got gray and beige
ones for only €2 for each pair.
Not that I really needed more but I'm a bit of a hoarder when
it comes to vintage lingerie.

I finally got myself a white Maneki Neko (Japanese lucky cat).
I've wanted one since 2003 but I've only found golden ones
and gold is not my cup of tea.
She's now sitting here on the desk, rocking her arm back and
forth and smiles.

Took a day trip to Tossa De Mar, what a beautiful place!
We went up in the ruins of the old town and sat on a bench
for hours, just absorbing the view of the ocean and relaxed.

I haven't had the time to empty my camera yet so pictures
will be uploaded eventually...

Bernie wearing one of my hair combs.

Me and my man at Tossa De Mar.
(I know I look like a baby, no makeup.)


fröken lila said...

you look as pretty without the make-up as with! so cute! and it's great to hear that you feel better after all that illness..

Zizzi said...

Welcome back! Great that you had a wonderful time!

Toulouse said...
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Toulouse said...

you sound ever so relaxed...glad you enjoyed it x even gladder your back :) x

Mrs Munster said...

Welcome back. Lucky u, meeting Bernie. She is gorgeous.

Kisse said...

I will send zee pakät nästa vecka!

You will love it! Or else...

Tack för samtalet idag.
Vi får prata mer snart!


Glo in på osnyggbloggen:

Annie S said...

Sounds like you had a great and relaxing trip. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Ja Bernie var alldeles för tunn för min smak! Vi tog även en bild på henne på kvällen där hon ser ut att vara typ 65, men jag tänker nog vara snäll och slänga den ;)

Det var fantastiskt kul att träffa dig, blomman har kommit väl till användning!
Du är otroligt söt och supertrevlig och din man likaså! Hoppas vi får chansen att stöta på varann igen nångång! ;)

Anonymous said...

you look lovely!

Kitten said...

Hey, cool, you met Bernie ! :) Glad you had a good time and was able to relax, and you do look just as pretty without makeup...Welcome back!