Monday, 15 June 2009


It sure is a good morning!
I received a big package from my wonderful fellow
blogger Malin this morning!
I got a whole bunch of CD's, among the bunch were
a CD with Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings who I really
like, perfect since I'm stuck in a rut when it comes
to music at the moment and she also sent me a bag
of vegan salty liquorice from the Swedish company
Scandi Candy.
It was the yummiest salty liquorice I've ever tasted!
I wish more companies followed in their footsteps so
vegans, vegetarians, Jews and Muslims can enjoy a
much bigger selection of candy!
Thank you so much darling!

You can buy Nosey Joe & The Pool Kings CD
Tunes from the Bighouse from HepCat Store.

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punk in writing said...

You're welcome! And thanks again for the hairflowers. :)