Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Hi my darlings!
Sorry for boring posts yesterday, I'm not well at
the moment, this is my third day feeling dizzy
and queasy and my right side feel like it's gonna
burst, I have horrible nightmares so I not very
inspired to be honest.
I'm just watching crap on telly while I'm working
on new hair flowers, at least I'm doing something.

Today I just wanna show off my latest finds, if
you don't mind...

I won these 1950's sunglasses on eBay the other
day for £2.70, shipping was free. (31 kr, $4, €3)

Went for a check up on my eyes today and after
having a nice lunch we went to my favorite vintage
store. I needed my vintage fix and there was a few
bits I wanted but I settled for this nice dark blue
handbag for £5. (58 kr, $8, €5)
Perfect with a pair of dark blue jeans and red flats!


Angel said...

I Hope you feel better soon! I love that purse!

art*deco*dame said...

feel better soon,cute glasses and love the purse

Straight Talking Mama! said...


Hope you feel better soon, look after yourself!

Jema Rose said...

Jättefina fynd!

Hoppas att du mår bättre snart,
låter ju inte alls kul...

KRAM, Jenny


Mrs Munster said...

Fantastic sun glasses. Speedy recovery. I find myself to be glued bit too often to watch crappy morning tv. I suppose I'm also doing something as my lil lad is usually asleep in my arms :)

Zizzi said...

Krya på dig! Hur känns det att genomgå ögonkirurgi? Är det jättedyrt? Jag funderar själv på att göra det. Jag passar tyvärr inte i såna där solglasögon, och avundas de som kan ha såna. Underbar väska!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Feel better soon x Very cute bag! xx

Brook said...

Love the glasses!

Heather said...

Those glasses are AWESOME!!!
Sorry you are not feeling well hunn yhugs to you <3

daisymay said...

Love the glasses!! Lucky girl!!

Chrystelle said...

Åhh, älskar solglasögonen!
Hade liknande förra sommaren men jag tappade dem i höstas.

Papery Girl said...

I love the glasses!