Friday, 22 January 2010


I feel the need to have a little rant.
Is that OK?
My expensive pattern arrived yesterday, not to
my home but a note did that I have a fee to pay
for it if I want it, £12.38. (145 kr/$20/€14)
It really pissed me off because I thought it was
a customs charge. On a pattern?!
I wouldn't have been surprised if it was a dress
or a pair of shoes but a pattern!
Anyway, I went to the delivery office to get my
pattern and unwillingly pay the damn fee, I had
already payed too much to begin with.
Turns out that it's not a customs charge, it's the
seller that hasn't bothered to pay any VAT!
Terrific! This seller has her own company and
had sold many patterns over the years, how on
earth can she forget to pay VAT?!
(She's not on Etsy or eBay.)
I will take up a dispute with her because it's all
her fault and I'm far from happy.


Jema Rose said...

Så ruttet gjort av säljaren...förstår verkligen att du är arg och besviken!

KRAM, Jenny


Angel said...

Hugs! I hope you get this all sorted.

Mrs Munster said...

That's just insane! Hope you get in sorted out.

Libby said...

Check my blog - there is an award waiting for you there!

Stefanie Valentine said...

That's so annoying for you, definitely take it up with her.
I hate it when people send you things and they don't pay enough postage so you have to pay the remainder, that has happened too many times to me. xx