Tuesday, 12 January 2010


I really don't have time to sit by the computer today,
my man is going to the hospital to have surgery and
I will be busy doing laundry, cleaning and praying
that he'll be alright.
I'm picking him up in the evening and I want him to
be able to rest without me disturbing him with noise
from the dryer and the vacuum cleaner in the next
few days.

Change of subject.
I found another pattern that I just couldn't resist.
It was rather cheap and the shipping cost was low so
I couldn't help myself.
There's now three pattern that should arrive shortly,
can't wait!

I also found this kick ass tutorial site that you have to
check out! It's called Cut Out + Keep and there's tons
of cool projects to try out.


Stefanie Valentine said...

I hope all goes well for Markus at the hospital, and i love that pattern! x

mjölk och lingon said...

Då ber jag lite för honom oxå, hoppas det går bra för honom!

Little Rascal said...

Stefanie: Thank you darling.
Yeeeah, got itchy fingers, can't wait to get sewing.
It's a very classy halter top.

Mjölk och Lingon: Det tackar jag for! :)

Heather said...

thanks for th elink! Hope your man feels better :(

jewlover2 said...

I would love to have a 'copy' of that halter top! Considering making a few more for your site?? hee hee

Daisy said...

Hoppas att det inte är en alltför allvarlig operation han går igenom.

daisymay said...

Love the look of those patterns!! Hope the hubby will be ok. I found cut-out and keep last week, its awesome! Spent ages flicking through the projects. Did you see Threadbanger on my blog, you would love it!

Zizzi said...

Underbart mönster! Ska du sy upp och sälja nånstans, så ställer jag mig i kö att få köpa en. Jag läste inlägget efter detta inlägg först, så jag vet att det gick bra med operationen. Hoppas han mår bra och tar det lugnt nu.

Little Rascal said...

Heather: Thank you darling.
I have found more cool tutorials, gonna post them later this week.

Jewlover2: I have tons of summer wear I'm working on right now, can't wait to try this particular one out.

Daisy: Nejda, det var en snabb operation och han kommer nog vara pa benen igen valdigt snart.

Daisymay: Thank you dear.
Threadbanger is a very good website too, I especially liked the capelet out of an old sweater tutorial.

Zizzi: Vad gullig du ar.
Om de blir bra sa kommer jag lagga upp dem pa Etsy i slutet av april.
Joda, han mar bra, han ar dock uttrakad, han ar inte van att sitta still.

Nadja, Lillen och Lillens pappa said...

Vilket härligt mönster! Sommar och tunna kläder känns väldigt avlägset här... Hoppas din man mår bra!

Little Rascal said...

Nadja: Han mar ratt bra, han kan inte ta smartstillande sa med tanke pa det sa ar han ratt sa gnallfri. :))

Vinter ar ju en perfekt arstid att tillverka sommarklader, man har nagot att se fram emot samt man har nagot att halla sig sysselsatt med.
Jag syr ju inte bara at mig sjalv, ska salja det mesta. Forhoppningsvis.