Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts lately.
I'm trying to finish a whole bunch of projects at the
same time, therefore my absence.

I went out tonight to celebrate my mother in law on
her 80th birthday so and I was wearing the dress I
revamped not so long ago.
I promised you a picture and this is the best I can
offer for now.

Tomorrow I will hopefully have some time to post
pictures of my other recently finished projects.


Jema Rose said...

WOW du ser helt fantastiskt fin ut!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Buggy Darling said...

your Gorgeous!
So glad your being very creative, its what makes life feel better isnt it :) dont forget to breathe and show us the fruits of your labour however, as i do love your posts :) xo

Kitten said...

Me like!! <3

Heather said...

beautiful, my goodness your gorgeous!

Stefanie Valentine said...

Beautiful Rascal! The keyhole neckline suits you perfectly x

Daisy said...

Så perfekt målade läppar!

Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Tack gumman! :D

Buggy Darling: Thanks sweetie. :)
Craft is my kind of Prozac.

Kitten: Thnks darling. :)

Heather: Thanks honey. :)
I only wish I washed my hair the night before so I could have styled it instead of keeping it flat. :))

Stefanie Valentine: Thanks cutie. :)

Daisy: Tackar. :))

Nadja said...

Du är ju värsta pinglan!