Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I won these on eBay the other day for 99 pence!!!
(11 kr/$1.60/€1.10)
They arrived this morning and I'm totally in love.
Not only were they brand new, they are also very

I forgot to bid on these twice!
I sent a message to the seller telling her I missed
the auction and asking if she would re-list them,
she replied that she'd given them to a charity shop.
I was heartbroken for a while but she must have
been thinking of the wrong pair of shoes because
one week lather they were re-listed and this time
I didn't miss them.


Jacqueline said...

gosh! hur lyckas du? jag får panik av ebay för att det är så himla mycket!

Kitten said...

Oh, my, those are gorgeous!! <3

Little Rascal said...

Jacqueline: Jag vet inte. :))

Kitten: Thanks dear.

Jacqueline said...

Sv: Åh vad fint! Vi fick dem av någon i min sambos släkt som i sin tur fått dem från hans farfar, så det gör det hela ännu roligare!

Tjuettan said...

OMG!!! Snygga...Jag måste börja buda på e-bay!!

Jema Rose said...


Kram, Jenny


Darrin.. said...

UGH... I hate it when I do that on eBay! Glad you got them.. I'll bet your hubby is too! LOL!

Little Rascal said...

Jacqueline: Jag gillar nar man far en bakgrundshistoria med sina fynd.
Har en handvaska som en gang tillhorde en Hollywood producents hustru. :)

Tjuettan: Tackar. :)

Jema Rose: Ja, 11 kronor var inte illa pinkat. :))

Dad: I learned my lesson and put the alarm on my phone this time around. :))
What man doesn't like red heels? :))

Mrs Munster said...

You really had lady luck on your side then! Pretty shoes indeed. I'm just dying to wear all my high heels but I just see the disaster in my head...carrying baby and of course then I would loose my balance, which I don't ever do though with heels...

A red lipstick said...

They're lovely! You have a great talent in finding wonderful things almost for free! ;)

Zizzi said...


Bucca said...

so so pretty!

Stein doll said...

Wow great find and really cute pair!!