Thursday, 28 January 2010


Mjolk och Lingon blogged about her housewife lexicons
from the 1950's last week.
I got the same series but mine looks slightly different.
I got the whole lot for about 75 kr at a flea market in
Sweden many years ago. ($10, £6, €7)

Anyway, we both like the craft book and I actually tried
one of the projects out.
I made a coaster for the coffee pan, out of wooden pegs!
I know it's a bit whimsical and it looks a bit wonky but
it was fun to at least try.

Here's my result:

I'm awfully busy finishing my fascinator hats and hair-
flowers, more to come tomorrow!


Stefanie Valentine said...

Now that is very creative making a coaster out of pegs! I've never seen that before! xx

daisymay said...

I actually love that coaster its really kitch and funky!

Heidi said...

My grandmother had quite a few of those coasters!!! They were all kinds of colors.. Can't wait to see your fascinators and stuff. Where do you sell it?

A red lipstick said...

Shabbat shalom! :)

SaraMay said...

åh snygg, har för mig att min farmor en gång i tiden hade en sån! :)

Little Rascal said...

Stefanie Valentine: I also made a handbag out of lolly sticks, two years ago now. :))
My mom made coasters out of lolly sticks and wooden beads when she were preggers with me, wish I kept them.

Daisymay: Thanks hun. My man want me to make a full set now. :))

Heidi: Aw, that's so cool! :D
I will finish the collection tonight and put them up on Etsy as soon as I taken pictures.

A red lipstick: Thanks darling. :)

SaraMay: Coolt! :D

Libby said...

Bara bokryggarna var ju värda pengarna. Snyggt!

mjölk och lingon said...

Men åh! Jag hade ingen aning om att det fanns en massa andra delar oxå, vilka rekomenderar du? Och vilket fint underlägg du gjorde, väldigt fiffigt!