Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Early on Friday morning we went to the antique market
in Hitchin to have a little scout.
We met many of the people we used to speak to daily
when we were running the V&R shop, they all said they
miss having us around, very nice to hear.
We also went to all the charity shops, even to the one we
used to run and it looked so awful!
It's all gone downhill since we left, that means we must
have done an amazing job.

After our visit to Hitchin we went to Letchworth to pick
up my tooled vanity case at The Shoe Box.
We went there the week before to get a new clasp for it.
The leather guy is the best, he's done new clasps for my
vintage bags before, he’s SO pedantic and really knows
what he's doing.
He was not at all pleased that you can see the small holes
from where the previous clasp was placed after attaching
the new one.
The small holes are not at all an issue and I had to reassure
him that it was alright.
My eyes don’t even go there because I can’t stop admiring
the peacock on the lid!

New clasp and labor cost me £10. Well worth it!

Here's what the vanity case looks like now:
Ta da!

New clasp and the holes, hardly an issue.

I love the lid!

And here's some stuff we picked up during the day:
Bangles, dark pink 80 pence, pale pink moon glow 20 pence.
I just sorted my bangle box the day before and then I found these. :))
It's good to change the collection every now and then and I kind of
needed some nice pink ones.

Vintage glitter hair combs, 50 pence for the lot.
How could I resist? ;))

1940's hat, £1.
I would love to show this one on but it has got a fold that I'm
trying to get rid off before I can wear it.

Old straw dispenser, £2.
I got a red one already but that's a modern one, rater have one that's 
old and have nicer shape.

And while we're at it, here's just a few things I got from the
car boot sale we went to on Saturday...

Vintage clutch, 50 pence.
I sorted through my collection of clutch bags the other day and since 
I didn't have one in this style and material I kept it for myself.

Vintage lemonade set, 50 pence.
I hope the summer will arrives soon so we can use this!!!

Vintage souvenir bag, £1.
I've had a few souvenir bags over the years but I never kept them, 
this one I will keep because it's quite an unusual shape and I love 
the flowers on the front.

And here's another vintage souvenir bag I got yesterday!
A charity shop in Finchley had a 50% sale on some bags
and this was one of them, I snagged it for £2!


Perdita said...

I've been looking for hair combs for ages, they just don't pop up as they used to. I LOVE those glitter ones.

Your bargains are always super!

Mim said...

I love your leather case! It's great that he's done such a good repair job.

Mama D said...

Do you not work anymore in the vintage furniture charity shop? That peacock vanity case is lush.

La Dama said...

That vanity case is gorgeous!
love the jug set and the glitter hair combs and of course the hat.