Thursday, 12 July 2012


Here's yet another itty bitty revamp.
I was sorting through boxes in our attic yesterday and came
across these old brooches that my gran made back in the day.
The pins were, as you can see, rusty and that's nothing I want
to pin onto any of my garments.
Throwing them away was not an option so I thought I'll revamp
them into statement rings and here's pictures of the process.

(I know I could just have attached a new pin but they will be used more as 
rings, I think.) 

Rusty pins, no good.

I cut the pins and locks off and sanded the sharp bits down.

I cleaned the underside and glued on a ring base and let the
glue dry for a good 24 hours to be on the safe side.

I cut out pieces of felt and glued onto the back to make sure
the ring base won't fall off and also to cover the areas where
the pins were. It doesn't matter if the felt pads are not super
duper even, they are for me and no one will look under them

Now that's a statement ring!

I'm gonna sound a bit girly and say that the pink one is my
favorite. :)


Solveig said...

That is so cute! I love these revamps of yours. It makes us all remember our "this and thats" that can have new life if we just put a wee bit of effort into it. And how cool is it that your gran made these?!

Mim said...

How nice that you can continue wearing stuff your gran made. They're very pretty.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

WOW. They are fab!