Friday, 13 July 2012


I bought this vintage vanity case last summer at a car boot
sale for a song, because of the state it was in, and I finally
got my thumb out and revamped it.

The case, fine and dandy on the outside...

Not so pretty on the inside.

As you can se.

I started by ripping out the icky fabric on the inside.

Cut out two new pieces of oilcloth and glued both the backs
of the oilcloth with non toxic glue stick and also the inside of
the case. Put the cloth in place and remove any air bubbles.
Note: Do NOT use contact glue or any type of stinky glue, it
will melt the cloth.

There were holes where a strip of elastic (to hold bottles) once
were attached and to hide these I glued on small bows, I used
Bostik all purpose glue for that.

I know there's some wonky edges and I will sort
that out but for being the first time doing this I'm
pretty pleased.


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Aww... you did such an amazine job. I love it.

Monrou said...

Snyggt! :)