Friday, 6 July 2012


Another rainy day. What else is new?
England is going down the drain more and more every day,
not just talking about the floods, the cost of things is really
an issue for most of us, a good example is postage.
Went to the post office after lunch to post a pair of earrings
who didn't weigh more than 18 grams incl. the envelope, I
ended up paying £3.30!!! WTF?!
Is it gonna be possible to keep selling on Etsy if it's gonna
stay this way?

I'm however glad that there's still places where you can get
your fix without breaking the bank.
Went into Poundland today to have a look if they had some
cool stuff, and they sure had! Check out these headphones!
It wasn't one of those impulse purchases because we really
do need headphones for the ferry to Holland, we learned last
year that 7 hours without them is very boring, there's a huge
TV screen but you need headphones to be able to hear. Duh!
Also convenient if I want to listen to rockabilly on my laptop.

£1 each! The polka dot ones are very comfortable.

Spending the rest of the day indoors revamping an old beauty
case and making hair flowers.

I wish you all a nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

gotta love poundland! they had some lovely vintage style floral tea towels in the other day, but I managed to resist! xxx

Mim said...

Those are cute headphones!

The postal service is a nightmare :(

La Dama said...

those are the cutest headphones!
I always like going in the pounds store you never know what you find.