Sunday, 15 July 2012


Here's some hair flowers I've been making lately.
I hope the rockin' gals in Sweden will love these because
they are specially made for this trip.

I've been busy today baking, making relish, mowing the
back lawn, vacuuming the house and the car and I just
finished packing the car, all I need to do now is to pack
my clothes and a craft box and I can relax the rest of the
evening, we need to be up at 5 AM.
We're staying in Holland two days and then we're off to
Sweden. Can't wait!
I'm looking forward to see friends, family and hopefully
make new friends, eat myself silly and this year I want to
have a dip in the lake.


Sherry Wray said...

Love them all!!! They are adorable!! I will save your link on my blog!

Monrou said...

Snyggt! Va duktig du är :)
Vart i Sverige ska ni?

Mitt google konto stämmer inte, men kan inte välja att länka till annat i alternativen när man kommenterar ;)