Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Had a nice day out with my main squeeze on Saturday.
Had to go to the eye doctor in St. Albans to check up on
my left eye who's lately gone red for no apparent reason,
(I had Lasik done a few years back so my eyes health is
high priority)  turned out to be Blepharitis. Oh well...

On our way home we stopped to have a scout the vintage
shops in the area and needless to say I didn't leave empty
handed, hey, I even spent more than pocket change for a
change. LOL!

Vintage hair accessories, £1.50 each.
As you might have seen I revamped the rose thing into rings
the other day.


Glitter flake bangle, £1.

Awesome vintage Hawaiian set, £20.
I managed to haggle it down from £22. :))


Vintage trinket box, £7.50.
I'm always in need of pretty jewelry boxes, this one was too
pretty to leave behind.


La Dama said...

glitter bangle and trinket box is amazing!
The pink hair clip looks gorgeous against your hair.
I am in love with Hawaiian fishy dress!
I haven't found anything interesting at the Charity shops lately.
Hope your eye feels better soon.

Vintage Coconut said...

Cute hair accesories!
I need some sparkley bangles in my life. I think I only have sparkle stretchie bracelets.
The Hawaiian outfit is going to look fantastic on you.

p.s. I am also a sucker for jewelry boxes. I think I have 7 or 8 right now. *hhehe*
The Mr. thinks I am nuts whenever I purchase another.

I almost did on Sunday but then realized the person tried to clean it with a VERY wet rag and it had dried all funny.