Sunday, 8 July 2012


Another day spent indoors.
Might as well show you an itty bitty revamp.
Found this vintage hair elastic yesterday when we
went to the Vintage Emporium (more about that in
a later post) to have a little scout.
I knew right away what I wanted to do with it and
I didn't waste any time to make it! Rings!!! :D

It was very easy, I just cut the elastic off and glued
the ring base on the back, let the glue dry over night
and then, to make it even more secure I glued a little
piece of red felt on the back.
I'm keeping both, just in case I lose one.
I love the semi transparent candy apple red color.




Heather said...

you actually just gave me a really good idea but in reverse! I inherited alot of clip on earrings from my mother,I think i may actually turn them into hair ties, like your rings were originally LOL
Thanks Rascal!

La Dama said...

Great revamp!
I love how the roses sparkle.