Monday, 13 August 2012


After Saturday's car boot sale I was in a very creative mood
so I took some of the stuff I managed to lay my paws on that
morning and turned them into something nicer.
Sat outside all day, enjoying the sunshine while crafting. :)
(Sorry I didn't include these finds in yesterday's post because
I wanted a before and after post.)

This lot of bracelets cost me £1.50.
Too bad that you can't see that they look like old marbles
with silver lurex threads inside.
Anyway, turned two of them into a Battenberg necklace.
(I just love that color combination!)

Love this red straw bag, got it for 50 pence, the only thing
I needed to do was to attach some cherries and the bag got
a little facelift.

Now this is funny, got this carved rose bracelet for 50 pence
and I've been looking on Etsy the day before for some beads
just like these! :D
I got some cheap white beads for another necklace project
and had some spare, I think it worked out quite well!

And here's two things I found at a flea market in Sweden for
only 1 krona each that needed to be restored and revamped.

This necklace was broken but I liked the way it looked and
for 1 krona I won't leave it behind, got cheap white beads on
eBay and went on with "restoring" it. First I tried to copy the
original but it looked too messy so I simplified it a bit.
Not sure what looks best, any ideas?

I just love this straw hair bow!
I knew exactly what it needed, fruit! :D


Heather said...

Rascal, I have a carved rose necklace just like that red one, but in black, I don't wear it, would you like it? I can send it to you darling,if you could put it to good use, just email me, I'll send you some more big red gum as well lol

Little Rascal said...

Oh wow! Yes, please! :D
I send a message from my idahored on yahoo.

Chrissy88 said...

These are great! You are very creative. I really love the marble-like bracelets turned into a necklace. And the straw hairbow and purse with fruit. I love fruit. I may need to get to the craft store today and get some fruit to try some projects!

Frocktasia said...

Great revamps, you are very talented.

La Dama said...

You always amaze me with your revamps.
The marble necklace reminds me of the barrets I use to wear when I was a little girl.