Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I love when the snail mail arrives!
Especially if I purchased something on eBay or Etsy. :)

Here's what arrived today:

H&M's Swedish Hasbeens, £19 on eBay.
Haven't really felt okay spending a heap load of money on
a pair of Swedish Hasbeens that you originally could snag
for £30 (all the clever fashionistas bought all of them back
then and sold them for way more than that) now the go for
£120 on eBay. Lotta from Stockholm does have reasonable
prices on her clogs but unfortunately more than I really want
to spend.
I was okay spending £19 on a pair, £20 was my limit. :))

Vintage colorful rattan bangle, $4.75, on Etsy.
It was too colorful to resist!!!

And it reminded me of one of the patio chairs seen in HBO's
mini-series Mildred Pierce. *silly nerd*

Hope you like my new banner, both in the blog and in my
Etsy shop. They sure needed a facelift!
I used the old Carlo of Hollywood frame as before and the
same artist behind the cats, Jim Flora.
In the text next to it I used the lyrics from two songs I really
like "Blue Black Hair" and "Brown Eyed Handsome Man".
(Since I got long blue black hair and my handsome man has
got brown eyes.)

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Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

H&M's Swedish Hasbeens, £19 on eBay.

No! Really? I am so envious. They are gorge. Going to find myslef a pair right now.