Friday, 10 August 2012


Went to Hitchin today, it's been a while.
Scouted the Friday antique market but didn't find much,
only Bambi's and some vintage cotton nightgowns and
a 1950's apron but they are currently in the laundry bin,
maybe they will end up on picture or maybe they won't.
(They will if I remember it.)
Met a few people we miss dearly and they miss having
us around too, glad it's not much of a distance for a visit.
We also went to a few charity shops and my man made
some new contacts for his new job.

Here's what I found...

Vintage metal deers, £1.
My favorite score at the antique market. I never leave a Bambi behind!

Vintage garter belt, 50 pence.
I've been looking for quite sometime for a red vintage lacy garter belt, 
today was my lucky day! Thank you Salvation Army! :))

Corset top, £1.50.
Found this in one of the charity shops, will look great with a black
pencil skirt and a black bolero for a sassy night out.

Wrapping paper, 5 rolls for £1.
That's a bargain for such cute wrapping paper!
Looks like I need to buy my man some presents now when I got the 
perfect wrapper. :)

Flamingo, £1.
I saw these at Poundland a few weeks before we went to Sweden but 
I didn't buy any at the time and I quite regretted that afterwards, lucky 
they had a few of them left! I got two today.

1 comment:

La Dama said...

Metal Bambis are just too adorable!
your going to sizzle in that red sexy rose garter.
Corset top would look great with lacey hooka shoes.
Heart wrapping paper is perfect for Valentines day.
Oh and that flamingo is awesome! Love pounland crap.
You always find the best junk amor.