Monday, 6 August 2012


OK, here we go with some more finds from Sweden and Holland,
today I show you the bling and the bags.

White earrings 1 kr, blue earrings 10 kr, turquoise brooch 5 kr,
black and blue necklace 5 kr, white necklace was free and the
warped bangle cost 2 kr.

I found this vintage wicker bag in Holland, it cost €1.
This might get a face lift with some plastic flowers and maybe
I wrap the handles in plastic ribbon.

Vintage straw bag, bought in Sweden for 10 kr.

Vintage Mexican souvenir bag, bought in Sweden for 20 kr.
Yep, another one. This one is huge and perfect for shopping.

Vintage straw bag, bought in Sweden for 10 kr.
This one also need a face lift, there's a loop missing but it doesn't
really need any "clasps" so I might remove them and maybe add
some flowers or plastic fruit.

Vintage plastic tote, bought in Sweden for 1 kr.

Turns out it's inflatable.
Could this be used as a beach pillow, perhaps?

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Vintage Coconut said...

OOOoO Great jewelry!
I like that white necklace and those white earrings.
The bags are so awesome. (ESPECIALLY) The blow up bag *heheh* That's so cool.