Saturday, 4 August 2012


This year while we were in Holland and Sweden we didn't
go madly overboard with flea market shopping, at least not
when it comes to small things.
Since we're planning on trying for a baby later this year and
we're SO going against Jewish tradition (i.e preparing for a
baby in advance might "tempt the Evil Eye") I did look out
for cute kids (preferably vintage) things and I didn't end up
empty handed.
Here's what I found.

Vintage crayon tub, 10 kr
Birdie, 1 kr
Vintage baby eating set, 10 kr

Vintage kids books, 10 kr each for the big ones
1 kr each for the small ones

Vintage Halma game, 1 euro
Vintage number memory game, 5 kr
Vintage mini puzzle, 2 kr

My paranoid mother in law is going crazy over our baby
purchases but my philosophy is that if it's meant to be it
will be, and to be honest, who have the time and energy
to go scouting for cute vintage baby stuff AFTER giving
birth, come on!


Mim said...

You should try dropping hints to your non-Jewish friends. Then they can shop for vintage baby stuff and surprise you with it when the baby arrives.

Little Rascal said...

Good idea! :D
Too bad they all live in Sweden, postage is quite high. (Almost cheaper to fly over here! LOL!)

Vintage Coconut said...

Very cute finds.
You and I are alot alike. I have purchased quite a few baby items in the past couple of weeks. *hehehe* I figure as long as they are small and can be packed in storage it's okay!!
Although I will wait to buy the big stuff until I am already a few months along. *haha*

Heather said...

boy you got that right!! That is one thing I really miss, just going vintage searching, I just odn't have the time with my little Hudson, love him though!

Mama D said...

Maybe I'm also bit superstitious but I did not buy any baby stuff before I was pregnant and even then waited the "magical" 12 weeks. Even doing that I had so much misfortune with trying to get pregnant. Hope your journey for motherhood will be smooth :)