Saturday, 4 August 2012


I'm back in the UK!
Two days on the road and I got a sore behind and
a tiredness that is out of this world.
We had a really amazing time but it went by way
too fast, it doesn't matter how long you go for, you
still don't have time to see everyone you love and go
to places you want to go.
We discovered a nail in one of the tires and had to
fix that the morning we were leaving Sweden, we
really didn't feel like risking getting a flat tire on the
Autobahn, the drive through Germany was a pain in
the ass as it was.
I got the house all to myself today, that means a lot
of unpacking, laundry and tidying.
For some reason it's much easier to to all these things
without a man in the house and mine is a grumpy one
this morning so I'm very happy to be alone right now.

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