Sunday, 12 August 2012


I don't know about you but I've had a quite nice weekend.
The summer has finally hit England and it's HOT! (Love it!)
Sunshine and weekend equals car boot sales and since it's
been raining since April people have TONS of junk to sell!

Here's yesterday's loot!

1940's and 1950's knitting pattern magazines, £3 for the lot.

Vintage car blanket, £1.50.

Set of two small cases, £1.

1970's pull string music thingy, £3.

Vintage stencils, 20 pence.

Vintgae earrings, 60 pence for the lot.

Vintage pen pal/snail mail set, 50 pence.


Case, 30 pence.

1960's stag book, 50 pence.


La Dama said...

The weather has been very nice!
I think I dont take advantage of how close we are to St. Albans.
Oh look at all the good shit you scored!
Cute birdy thingy and pen pal book oh and adore your vintage earrings.

Mim said...

You got an awesome deal on those old Stitchcrafts - I've seen them sell for a fiver each!

Perdita said...

Can't wait to do some car booting this week - were on holiday in Somerset last week and it poured! :( Still... plenty of stuff to pick up before September.