Wednesday, 23 December 2009


We all love vintage handbags, don't we?
What we don't like is that some has got a bad odor.
Here's a few clever tips I've learned over the years,
hope they work as well for you as they've done for me.

Baking Soda
Baking soda is a perfect odor remover.
Make a baking-soda sachet to keep your bag smelling fresh.
To make a sachet, cut off the foot portions of one pair of
new knee-high stockings, fill the toes with baking soda, and
knot to close.
This also works wonders in your closet!

Soap Bars
My mother in law always brings me organic lavender soap
bars but I rarely use them since I prefer liquid soap.
They do come in handy in my handbags though.
I just cut off one of the sides of the plastic wrapper (do not
remove the wrapper) and put it in my bag and let the bar
stay in there until I need to use the bag.
Put the soap back after use.
Lavender is such a classic and delightful scent but you can
use a soap with your favorite scent, of course.

Good luck!


Miss Wink said...

I always keep small lavender soaps in my lingerie drawer, as my grandmother did.
Great tip about the baking soda!

I'm happy yopur surgery went well!

Miriam Parkman said...

Baking soda, är det jäst eller?:/
Låter ju bra, så man vill ju prova! Haha

Förresten. Kan du maila din adress till mig? Har ett kuvert som väntar...

Little Rascal said...

Miss Wink: Lavender is awesome cos the scent is so strong.
I have soaps in my lingerie drawer too! Who doesn't want their undies to smell divine?

Miriam Parkman: Baking soda ar bikarbonat.
Perfekt att ha en liten nylonpase i garderoben, tar bort odoren av mal kulor.

Ohh, later spannade. :)