Sunday, 20 December 2009


Me and my man celebrated our 3 year anniversary yesterday.
That might not be a very long time but we feel like we'd been
together for ten. In a good way.
I moved in the same day I came to visit, my man just couldn't
live without me. I'm that wonderful. *lol*

I was in the mood for vintage yesterday after my visit at the
eye clinic for my last check up before surgery tomorrow, so we
went to a few charity shops and then we found this huge vintage
store, it was like walking into Etsy if they weren't a website.
I got myself some bargains, of course.

Click on images for larger and better view.

1930's glass bowls, £.50. 1950's handbag, £4.

1950's lamp, £4.50. Cardigan, £4.

When we came home my man made a very nice dinner with a
selection of yummy bits.
Garlic bread, grilled pepper hummus, halloumi, crispy potato
slices, tomatoes, avocado and cucumber.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the second season of
True Blood and cuddle on the sofa.


Linnea said...

Den där butiken låter ju som paradiset! varför finns det så många roliga butiker nära dig!?

Mrs Munster said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I suppose when you meet your soul mate it feels you've know each other forever. I knew from the moment I laid my eyes on my man that that I'd marry him :)

Stefanie Valentine said...

Aww, congratulations, and it's very sweet that he makes you lovely meals.
I still don't know how you manage to find all these great bargains!

daisymay said...

love the cute cardi! you always seem to find such bargains! good luck with the laser surgery!

Zizzi said...

Grattis på treårs dagen! Ni har det ganska liknande som jag och min man. Samma dag vi flyttade ihop (som vänner) blev vi tillsammans....Och nu har vi varit gifta i 4 år! Wow! Tiden går fort när man har roligt, ändå känns det som man känt varann i 100 år.

Kitten said...

Congrats on your anniversary, and to another batch of great finds!Hope the surgery goes well!