Monday, 21 December 2009


I'm up early this morning.
I'm going into Westminster to have laser eye surgery
in an hour, can't wait to be able to see without any
glasses or contact lenses.
I might not be able to blog for a couple of days so
I leave you with this, my latest creation.
I was inspired by the white fur collar Marilyn Monroe
wore when she married Joe Dimaggio 1954.
When I'm feeling better I might pose in it for you. :))

Have a nice day you all!


Buggy Darling said...

Good Luck (not that you need it) and mend in no time xoxo

Polka Dotty said...

That's super adorable!

Good luck with the eye surgery :)

daisymay said...

That looks so cute!
Good Luck with the laser surgery!!!

Zizzi said...

Underbar krage! Jag har alltid föreställt mig att hennes dräkt var marinblå med vit krage. (Det är ju filmat i svartvitt). Lycka till med ögon kirurgin!
KRam cissi

Stefanie Valentine said...

I hope your eye surgery went well today, i wish i was brave enough to get it done!

The syders said...

Hi There...Love your blog and I look forward to stopping by again soon!