Thursday, 31 December 2009


So it's the last day of 2009.
I guess many of you have started dolling up
or cooking for your parties by now.
I myself is still in my PJ, flicking through the
three books that arrived today and working
on my last 1940's style tie top of the year.

Everyone rocking is going to Boston Arms in
North London tonight, I hate that place so me
and my lovely man's staying in, making some
nice food and strawberry Daiquiris.
We got like 3 kilos of fresh strawberries in the
fridge, better use them for something, right?

Anyway, little old me was thinking about new
years resolutions, I never make any but since
we're entering a brand new decade I'm gonna
make 3 of them!
I'm not gonna say that I'm gonna loose weight,
stop eating carbs and all that jazz, that never
works for anyone anyway.
I already working on a better health since I
joined the wellbeing centre in November.
OK, so my new year resolutions will be...

* To be more creative, I plan to make at least
2-3 new things a week and finish old projects.

* To be more social (I'm actually pretty shy at
times, especially when I don't feel to good) and
to keep in contact with people I like.

* To make more of an effort.
Use more makeup, work on vintage hair styles,
use false nails and experiment with eye shadows
and such.
I should also start wearing my vintage clothes a
bit more often.

What's yours?



Stefanie Valentine said...

I know i say it every year but lose weight! Yes i'm one of those people haha! My others are to experience each day more and not let them whizz by in a blur. And to continue my driving and hopefully pass in a few months. And possibly learn to sew!

Angel said...

Have a great New Years Eve!

Happy New Year!!!

jewlover2 said...

We are styaing home as well. I'm excited about the 'Thin Man' series marathon on Turner Classic Movies. hahah.

Anyway, I am not really making any new year resolutions either but I do think it's a good idea for our family to branch out and be a little more social. I also want to tone up a bit but I'm currently in that process as well. I want to look like Barbarella. haha.

daisymay said...

your resolutions are all good and things i would like to do myself!!

Lady Thirty said...

happy new year!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Dad.. said...

Nice resolutions. I'm another on who did the lose weight resolution, but I also have other motivation... I turn 40 in 4 months!! I also want to get my finances under better control, try to be happier, and to try and follow my dreams.