Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I totally forgot to post about this last week.
There was a knock on the door and a package
for me, from Sweden.
It was a rather belated birthday present from
my favorite cousin and her family.
Spot on! Moomin stuff!
I used to love the stories when I was a little girl,
and I still do, you never get too old for Moomin.
I also think they look like English Bull Terriers.


Mrs Munster said...

Moomin's rock! I've got Moomin books both in Finnish and English so both me & my hubby can read them to our boy.

Little Rascal said...

You lucky girl! (and boy)

daisymay said...

They are so cute, I loved the moomins when I was younger too!

Jema Rose said...

Jag gillar också Mumintrollen,
har en fin bok om dem på vinden.

Kommer även ihåg att jag haft Muminmamman & Muminpappan som stearinljus..!

KRAM, Jenny


Miss Wink said...

I have always loved Moomins as far as I can remember. I got tons of things like the Moomin Mother's Cookbook, figurines etc.

Zizzi said...

Den rosa muggen har jag köpt till mig själv också! Det är en favorit! Visst blir man aldrig för gammal för Mumin, likaså aldrig för gammal för Astrid LIndgren.