Sunday, 6 December 2009


Yesterday must have been the longest day in history.
Mixed feelings.
Gary Day, Morrissey's former bass player, came over
for a little jam session and a cup of coffee but left just
before the party started.
He showed me his new baby, a Volvo Amazon estate
from 1964, I love Amazon's, I used to have one.
He even offered me a ride around the neighbourhood.

I was pretty miserable for a while.
It wasn't just because of the lost handbag, some of my
man's so called friends that was invited to my party were
lying about working that evening but it turned out that
they were going to another party instead!
Gee, thanks...
If you're gonna be false and lie about something , don't
write about your other plans on Facebook!
OK, enough ranting.
As I was crying over this my man felt so sorry for me that
he put another package in front of me and said he didn't
have the heart to wait until the party.
It turned out to be the handbag! It wasn't lost after all!

The party was fun.
My man had cooked all day, bless him.
A small but yet lovely bunch of friends came over and I
cheered up, relaxed and had a good time.

This is my Holy Grail.
It was made in America in the 1950's.
It's made out of acetate instead of Lucite.
This particular one is nowadays very rare.

The lid got studded metal butterflies.

My lovely man gave me the white one two years ago
for my birthday.
It used to belong to a Hollywood producer's wife back
in the 1950's.
I'm so happy to have them both, they are a really cool
addition to my growing collection of rare and unusual
vintage handbags.


art*deco*dame said...

*dies of jealousy*

Stefanie Valentine said...

I'm glad you had a good time after all, forget about the guys that didn't turn up, they're idiots.
I love the bag, so unusual!

Angel said...

Those bags are gorgeous! And I'm glad that your hubby told you earlier to make you smile!

Heidi said...

Hope you're feeling better. Happy birthday!
Those sweet honeypots are to die for! Lucky you:)

Jema Rose said...

Underbar väska, vilken tur att den inte var försvunnen trots allt..!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


daisymay said...

i love weird handbags! Have you seen my eiffel tower one, its not vintage but it is unusual! Its somewhere on my blog.

sinnlighet said...

love love love, vilken underbar blog!