Sunday, 27 December 2009


I was looking through some old photo CD's yesterday
and found this picture of my old fishbowl.
I found this huge Brandy Balloon glass at a flea market
in Stockholm a long time ago.
I think I paid like 65 kr (approx £5/$8/€6) for it.
I was told that it used to stand on top of a grand piano
at a fancy hotel in Stockholm back in the days.
It was used as a tip bowl for the piano player.
I'm still amazed that it didn't break during my move to

My two black Moor Goldfish Selma and Wilma.


Jema Rose said...


: )

Önskar dig ett riktigt Gott Nytt År!!!
KRAM, Jenny

Stefanie Valentine said...

I love fishbowls, you can put anything in them and they make great room ornaments.

Sorry to hear about the lady who supplies your material, i hope this one works out better for you x

daisymay said...

I am after a new fish bowl and would love something as funky as this!

Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Tackar! Onskar fiskarna hade levt lite langre dock. :))

Gott nytt ar!

Stefanie: Exactly!
I ordered stuff today, can't wait!

DaisyMay: Look around charity shops or why not try freecycle?

Gittan said...

jag har tänkt fråga det här jättelänge (är en flitig läsare av din blogg) men har inte tagit mig för, så nu kommer det: hur gjorde du när du flyttade till england? tog du med alla dina saker från sverige, jag menar möbler och sånt? kram och tack för en superfin blogg

Zoeyuluv said...

That is WAY to small for them, they should at least be in a 40Gallon tank