Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I think I cougth some really bad luck lately.
What are the odds that your email stop working
completely in the middle of a very busy period
AND the postal service doesn't give the service
you pay for!
I feel extremely down right now because my
customers are unhappy, it makes me look bad
when all I've done is my best.
I always post items 1-2 days after they've been
paid for, I'm quick in MY service, it took 14-30
days for some to get their items, nothing I can
do anything about, unfortunatley, my job was
done at the post office.
They were very well aware about a possible
delay in the item description, my personal info
AND in my emails (before it died).
I told them that it might take a while since Royal
Mail has been on strike for 18 weeks and have a
bit of catching up to do and it's absolutely manic
before X-mas.

As a buyer I actually read sellers personal info
for news and updates, you never know, they
might get ill or go away on vacation, there can
be a computer problem an allsorts of things.
I keep my customers up to date in my personal
info but no one seems to read it even though
I urge them to in my item descriptions.
I did update my info just before X-mas, that
I've changed my email address and plead them
to contact me.
I'm sorry to say no one did and decided to give
me negative feedback.
So after 6 years as a seller I'm closing down, it's
not fun anymore.
I've heard that Royal Mail plan to go on another
strike after new years so maybe it's for the best.


Jema Rose said...

Fy vad trist att DU ska behöva bli lidande..!

: (

KRAM, Jenny


Ruby Roulette said...

Oh dear sorry to hear that:(. You're the second person I have heard from this week who has decided to close up shop out of sheer frustration. Maybe you can start fresh when things have calmed down a bit... how stupid of the post to go on strike so close to Christmas!

Jitterbugdoll said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! There are a lot of good customers out there, but the bad ones ruin things for everyone.

Zizzi said...

Vad synd! Du som säljer så fina saker också!

daisymay said...

Oh Im so sorry you have had such a hard time of it! I know the postal strike has caused havoc for some people. Im still waiting on a xmas parcel from my aunt which should have arrived nearly 2 weeks ago!! Why not just take a sabbatical and come back in a few weeks, no point jumping shift after 6 years as a seller!