Monday, 14 December 2009


I got these very funky shoes from my mas as Hanukkah gelt.
This is my fifth pair of red glittery shoes, Yes, I know I'm nuts.


Mrs Munster said...

Very pretty. I miss wearing heels. Couldn't during the pregnancy and now just not practical with the baby :(

Heather said...

Ahh Love them,they remind me of a pair that I have in red pantent leather.

Little Rascal said...

Mrs Munster: Thank you. :)
Well, you don't wanna do a Britney do you?
(Carrying baby around in high heels and trip, ending up sobbing at Burger King.)

Heather: Thank you. :)
I feel like a slutty version of Dorthy in them. :))

Heidi said...

You can never have too many ruby slippers... I gave you an award!
Happy Hanukkah!!!

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Oh damn, I don't have a single pair of red glittery yet but I definitely need one ! Those are delicious, what a nice gift.

(jag vet inte varför det blir så men jag är tydligen okapabel att skriva kommentarer på enbart svenska eller sngelska så det får väl bli båda två :)

Stefanie Valentine said...

Ooh i have a pair just like that, they so lush aren't they! Mind you, i still have difficulty walking in them haha xx