Sunday, 18 September 2011


Hi friends!
I think I live in the messiest house on earth!
This is because of the so called handymen that was
supposed to have finished our loft on Thursday but
hasn't been around since Tuesday!!! I'm now really
pissed off, I can't stand mess and disorder, it makes
me cringe. I must admit, I'm not at all OCD when it
comes to housework but I do like it tidy and clean.

Not much else since last post...
Yeah, speaking about post, I have a ton of stuff I'm
waiting for (eBay bargains) but no one seams to be
too bothered about going to the post office to make
sure this prompt paying gal get her stuff!!! :(

Sorry, I'm just utterly bored and really need some
cheering up right now.
I haven't done anything fun for weeks, well, I can't.
I have managed a few walks with my man and I've
been to my GP, who gave me some new meds and
a referral to see a neurologist.

I'm cleaning my computer today, I'm a hoarder of
pictures and inspirational things and some things
have ended up in wrong folders.
Here's a photo I found that was supposed to end
up in this blog a while ago, it was quite neat at the
time because I found these French glasses in one
of the local charity shops for £1 (it was a lot of 5)
and they just happened to match my nail polish
and my cherryaid. :)

My man went to a car boot sale, I'm SO jealous!
The anticipation is high, I hope he got some really
neat stuff.
I'm gonna try and walk down the stairs and fix me
some lunch. Ta-ta!


Vintage Coconut said...

Those glasses are really cute I love the print on them.
I hope your man found you some good treasures when he was out. Treasures seem to cheer me up sometimes.

On the topic of cleaning the computer. OMG I have the messiest comptuer EVER right now. Its ridiculous and will take hours to organize. But the good thing is... no one can see the mess. lol

Perdita said...

We have no kitchen right now so our dining room is a 'camp kitchen' with kettle and microwave. Nothing disgusts me more than a foul kitchen, sadly our house we bought has one, we wanted a month overlap to sort it but the vendors delayed.

Hopefully it will be sorted over the next 2 weeks and I will have a NORMAL HOUSE

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about waiting for eBay treasures to arrive! : ( Why oh why do they have to take so long!!


La Dama said...

aww poor hunni bunni,
I'm sure your man will find you some great vintage junk. oooh thos glasses are gorgeous love the color and pattern.hope the neurologist helps amor.