Tuesday, 27 September 2011


OK, I guess you can see it all ready, the reason why
I did a green post yesterday. :)
Yep, another coat for little old meeeee!
My man sure did good on Saturday.
There was a lot more dresses but these once are for
me to keep, the others will end up in my shop when
I feel better.

Here we go...

Click the images for a better view.

1960's coat, 35 pence.

The coat tag is sooo cute! Do you see the poodle? :D

1960's dress, 35 pence.
The original zipper gave up after I gave it two washes,
so typical! Grr!!!

This dress is a tent on me but I do wanna try and make
it into
a top, my first choise was to make it into a wiggle
dress but I don't think I'm skilled enough to alter it from
an XXL into XS.

Close up on the beading and fabric. Stunning, huh?

1960's dress with multi colored lurex , 35 pence.
This darling a stunner but it got so many small holes on
the front and I'm not sure it's gonna look good even if I
try my best to mend it, I not sure yet what to do but it
might look good as a bolero. We'll see.

Close up.

1960's dress, 35 pence.
It was badly stained but after a wash it was like
new. It looks so cool with a white elastic belt.

1960's dressing gown, 35 pence.
Not sure if I will keep this, it's so over the top and I do
like it but I doubt I will ever use it. For now it stays.

Never used and still got the original tag.

Lurex leggings, 25 pence.
A girl can't have too many lurex items.
Well, actually, gonna put my other pair in my shop.

Old flower press, 50 pence.
I've been wanting one since I was a kid but back then they
didn't come cheap and I used the phone book instead.

1950's loom, 50 pence.
Oh joy! Can't wait to make my own silly scarfs!

Vintage Pyrex bowl, £1.50.
One size bigger than the one we got earlier that week.
And it's PINK! :D


La Dama said...

Oh my Buddy wouldnt know what to get me,lol
he says I'm so picky with what he chooses.
Can I use your man for boot sales when I am sick? what freaking boot sale do you guys go to? I love the bed jacket, right up my alley.
60's green coat is so gorgeous, cute poodle tag too. Your going have fun revamping that dress.

Little Rascal said...

He said if you pay him in pie he might. ;))

Aliya said...

How cute is that green swing coat?!! And I love the stripey 1960s dress!!

My giveaway is up and running:
Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

x Aliya

La Dama said...

My first pie was good ,but second one the crust was too hard, had to throw it in the trash. I am working on making Buddy a Guinness cake.

La Dama said...

love your pyrex bowl, now you have your Xmas colors pyrex bowls.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my GAWWWSH That green coat is the flipping cutest! 35 pence *Seriously?!* ahhhhh jelous
(And the tag is cute)
I like the black 1960s dress too bad the zip gone and died on you. (I think it will make a cute top.)
The other dresses are very nice too.
I think you should KEEP and wear the dressing gown. I just found one with tags a few weeks ago and I am sure it till keep me warm this fall and winter. heheh

I can't wait to see the silly scarves you make.
And I AM CRAZY about your pyrex bowl.

Your man knows his stuff!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

That green coat is gorgeous. I love the 1960's dressing gown the print is awesome.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

That is an AMAZING haul.

Little Rascal said...

Aliya: Thank you sweetie. :)

La Dama: X-mas colors? Pink? I don't do X-mas.
Let me know how that Guinness cake turn out.

Vintage Coconut: Well, it was about 33 pence, 3 items for £1. ;))
You think I should got for a top then, I think you're right, it might be more useful and I can wear it during day as a posh casual. :))
I found two booklets in the loom box and there were tond of neat stuff I wanna try to make, I'll post about it later.

Vintage Sweetheart: Thanks hunni. :)

Miss Tallulah Porkchop: My man is suckig up the compliments as we speak. :))