Sunday, 4 September 2011


This dress and I haven't been friends for many years...
I bought it on eBay 9 years ago from the owner of a well
known repro rockabilly clothing brand, this was from one
of her collections back then. I won't mention the brand
name, this scene is full of catty women as it is and I don't
need unnecessary drama.
Ever since this piece of schmatta arrived in my mailbox
I'd never purchased anything of this brand and won't do
in the future either.
I paid $33, back then I thought it was reasonable, since
it was pink, sassy and with cherry print on it. The seller
claimed it was in perfect condition too.
Reasonable and perfect turned out to be a real pain in the
I wasn't happy so I sent the seller and owner a message,
as you do, telling her in a nice way about all these flaws,
I even sent pictures. Instead of giving me a part refund
or even saying sorry she opened a can of verbal whop ass
on me! Maybe it's good that other people are selling stuff
for her, she's clearly not suited for retail.
As you can see in the pictures below she should have sold
this as a revamp project.
Because it turned out to be one...
After seeing it hanging there as an eye sore for 9 years I
finally decided to do something about this mess of a dress.
I had a go with the bobble off thingy I cut the top part off
and added an elastic band, stitched the seams and edges
into perfection and I got myself a sassy wiggle skirt.

In 9 years I've only wore it for like an hour at home.

OK, here's why I think this dress is schmatta...
(All except the last one are "before pictures".)

The stitching is the wrong way around!
And the hem is so uneven it's almost a laughing matter.
Were you drunk when you made this?!


The stitching is coming undone.

And there's bobbles in very large areas.

That's better! A little too much money and work than I
wanted but it is quite neat after all.


art deco dame said...

I hate bad quality,how could she say that was in good condition?

Vintage Coconut said...

You were a cutie then, and a cutie now!! =p

I like what you did with the dress. Jeaz I am a begginer at sewing and I think I sew better than that! *LOL*