Monday, 12 September 2011


I feel like I'm on this bus right now...

My life is going nowhere. I'm on hold, mentally and creatively.
I can't even begin to tell you how fed up I am with this vertigo
migraine shit, it's gone for the worse and I'm sick of watching
films and sleep, I'm restless but I can't even shower and walk
down the stairs without help.
Today however I haven't been able to sleep because of all the
noise the carpenters are making. We're finally having our loft
converted into proper storage space with insulated floor and
ceiling and also a new hatch and a secure ladder.
Yes, we're officially out of room.
It's been something we're been talking about for years, ever
since I moved in, actually.
I'm looking forward to organize and to get some well needed
space in my hobby room, basically make the whole house a
bit less cluttered. I'm also gonna paint upstairs and get some
cool stuff up on the walls.
Autumn is a time for change and I do like changes.


Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

Hoppas att din hälsa snart ska bli bättre, måste vara hemskt att ha det så..!

: (

KRAM, Jenny

wickedcherrie said...

Jag lider verkligen med dig. Hoppas du får många timmar i hobbyrummet...

Linnea said...

låter jättejobbigt...hoppas du blir bättre snart! låter i alla fall som du har något kul som väntar på dig...att göra om och måla om och vara kreativ låter riktigt kul!

La Dama said...

I hope you feel well enough to do what you most love crafting and boot sales and getting out of the house.
ooooh your house changes seem exciting. take it easy and have patience you will feel good soon.
get well soon.