Thursday, 1 September 2011


Hey friends.
I'm typing from bed today.
I got a new spell of Vertebrobasilar migraine and my
system is so run down that my mouth is full of really
painful ulcers and I can't eat proper food.
Don't worry, I did see my GP today and I got meds
for the Vertebrobasilar migraine, it will make me
sick and very tired for two weeks but I rather be out
of it for two weeks than a year of vertigo.
(I got the wrong diagnose last time so I suffered with
this vertigo shit for almost a year and a half.)

This means crafting and watching Twin Peaks I guess.
I got so many beautiful artificial flowers while we were
in Holland and now when I really can't do much else I
will have a go.

Talking about craft, here's some new earrings I made
while we were in Sweden...

Available here.

Available here.


Vintage Coconut said...

One big *BLAH* to vertigo!!
I hope your meds kick in and get rid of the darn thing soon. I have suffered from vertigo and if you ask me it was SERIOUSLY the worst time in my life.

I started feeling bouts of dizziness and thought I was having anxiety attacks, so I didn't do anything about it. Then it got worse to the point I could feel the ground shaking when trains would be going by. The tracks are like 5 blocks away for goondess sake. I then realized that it was surely not anxiety causing all the weirdness so I went to the Dr. found out I had vertigo. It had gotten so bad I felt like I was slowly falling when just sitting in a chair. Or when I laid in bed I felt like I was on a air mattress out on a lake. (For almost two years I was completely miserable.) For the first year I barely went out because I felt like I was walking on a marshmellow ground. When I would try to explain vertigo to people I swear they thought I was weird or something. *lol* All I can say is if you have never had it. You sure as hell don't want it. If you have had it you never wanna deal with it again.

The earrings you made are lovely.
I hope you get better very quickly.

Kitten said...

Sorry to hear you're not well, hope you get better soon!!