Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Wow! The carpenter came back today, after been off
G*d knows where for a whole week!!!
Looks like this loft project is gonna go on forever...
Maybe all this grief will make the final tidying part so
much sweeter , you know, since we'd been living in one
heck of a mess for longer than expected.
Or am I just convincing myself this so I won't go totally
mad? ;)

The other day my man and I went into town were I
managed to do some important shopping, (with some
help of course) stuff he really couldn't pick up for me,
like knitted socks, vitamins, night cream etc.
And I guess it goes without saying that we went into
our two favorite charity shops.
Didn't find much, I wasn't really "all there" because I
feel like I'm on a stormy ocean and it's hard to focus.

Anyway, didn't get home empty handed...

Vintage tiki style flower pot, 99 pence.
I managed to replant this Aloe Vera today, it wasn't too good
looking so I removed most of the leafs and
most of the stem, it
will get a new root soon and I do
hope it survive.

Vintage Pyrex mixing bowl, £1.25.
Really nice shade of green, not a chip, nick or scratch.
Now I can bake in style. ;))


Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

Fina fynd!

Hoppas verkligen att du ska krya på dig snart..!

KRAM, Jenny

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my HECK! I have got to find that pyrex bowl for myself. I am a shamrock crazed woman. I only have a small bit of Irish in my but it goes a LONG WAY. =D

I like your Aloe plant pot. Hope the plant decides its happy and starts to thrive.

I am glad you were able to get out of the house. Even if you were not feeling your best. And I do hope you will fully recover soon, as feeling as though your on the Ocean bites!

La Dama said...

Another aloe vera plant, I have mine all over the pots in the green house.
Im happy you got out of the house for a little bit we cant let our sickness win amor.

Little Rascal said...

Jema Rose: Tack gumman. <3

Vintage Coconut: Yeah, the bowl is pretty neat. Tried to find exact one but smaller on eBay and Etsy but without luck.

It sucks to be stuck inside when you don't want to. I'm really a homebody but when I don't have the freedom because I'm ill it really makes me mad.

La Dama: I love Aloe but this one has been a bit akward since day one so I hope it will sort itself out.
I had it outside for a few days in the summer but it almost died. So strange, I thought they'd like sunshine...