Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I'm not doing it on purpose, collecting green stuff.
I collect colors I find attractive and at the moment
I think green is on top of that list.
Never given it much of a thought, just purchased
because it was cheap, and then I kind of regretted
it because I nave nothing that will match.
It's wasn't until lately I started to notice that I have
loads of green things, everything but shoes...
Should I get green shoes?

This is just a few selected things, if I were to post all wearable things
that's green we'd pretty much be here all day... ;)


Ivy Black said...

Lovely green! should get green shoes.xx

LuckyMom said...

Tjenare=) Nu jädrans får ja börja komentera här;)Vi sågs ju på A-Bombers,och jag sa jag skulle starta en pyssel och diverse blogg,har preics gjort de för kunna kommentera här,men när jag får ordning på det vet jag ej,funderar fortf på hur den ska va.Den gröna väskan med bambu handtag är ju ur gullig ju!!Hoppas er resa gick fint!Kram Jenny

La Dama said...

Dont you just love it when you find matching treasures?