Sunday, 20 July 2008


OK, so this is just a tiny selection of the finds I got in Stockholm.
There's more stuff and millions of pieces of clothing but I don't
have the time to post tons of pictures at the moment. Sorry.
(I doubt that I need to tell you that all my finds are vintage?)

Belt 25 kr, £2, $4

Earrings 5 kr, £0.40, $0.80

Wicker bag 15 kr, £1.20, $2.40

Bottle holder 15 kr, £1.20, $2.40
Ice bucket 10 kr, £0.80, $1.60

Ashtray 5 kr, £0.40, $0.80


Betty Lou said...

åh superfina. vart fyndade du? älskar bältet

Little Rascal said...

Tack. :)
Pakladeriet, Myrorna och Stadsmissionen.

anna said...

Can't wait to travel to Stockholm and go thrifting there! Do you know if there's a site on the internet that'd list all thrift stores in Stockholm?

Vintage Darling said...

vilka finfina fynd!

Betty Lou said...

när jag är på myrorna och stadsmissionen hittar jag ingenting! bara massa burrigt 70-tal och sånt. vart ligger dina fynd-affärer?

Little Rascal said...

Anna: Go to and search for second hand, also visit the links I provided and search for addresses in Stockholm.

Vintage Darling: Thanks, doll. :)

Betty Lou: Skarholmen, Hjorthagen, City, Sodermalm.
I've been a second hand scanner since I was 8 so I guess I have a well trained eye for 50's stuff.
It's so hard to find 50's stuff here in England so I was in heaven when I was visiting Stockholm.

Betty Lou said...

skärholmen brukar jag vara till, stökigt och det enda jag hittat som är äldre än 70-tal där var den gröna spegeln jag köpte för en tag sen. du har tur!

sthlm ger mig aldrig nåt :(