Saturday, 5 July 2008


We went to a local car boot sale this morning.
We didn't think it would be on since it's been raining,
but the sun came out from the clouds and we jumped
into our new cool car and went off in a speed.

It wasn't many sellers there at all but we managed to
get the Godfather trilogy on VHS for 50 pence and a
1950's table for £2 and this wonderful sailor bottle
from 1933 for £2.50.
He goes perfect with our 1950's boat bar.

Then we went to an antique shop we passed by bus
last week, they had so many cool things for really
wonderful prizes.
My darling ended up buying me this pretty 1950's
plastic wicker sewing box for only £6.50.
( I collect them. No surprise, huh?)
It was hard work cleaning in but it turned out to
be very nice and clean in the end.

We're going out tonight, first we're gonna go to a
vintage car show and then later on go to a gig.

Tune of the evening:
The Jiants - "Tornado"


Rebecka said...

Åh, jag kommer ihåg dig ju! Vi brukade prata om musik förr, jag minns att du hade en röd peruk och en blus med gamla bilar på som du hade på dig på något rockabillyevent som jag inte kunde gå till!
Och du hade en vit hund och en sida som hette deadbeat, tror jag!

Nåväl, kul att se att du fortsätter i samma stil!

Mrs Munster said...

That sailor bottle is an awesome find! Hope you had a good nite tonight.

Lilly Lee said...

The jiants-Tornado, The Best rockabilly tune - ever ;) Bra smak ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Yeah, the Norwegian girls did the hula dance-thing, so awesome! You really missed something, hope you get the chance to go next year then!

Little Rascal said...

Rebecka: And you wanted a Ford pickup truck from 1940 and had very good taste in bluegrass music. :D
How the hell did you find me here?

Mrs Munster: Thank you! :)
Yeah, he's so cute, he goes perfect with our 1950's boat bar.

Lilly Lee: I know. :P

DevilDoll: No worries, I saw them do it last year. :)
My guy said this morning that we might go to Spain in September.

Rebecka said...

Hej igen!

Jag hittade dig på vintage darlings blogg faktiskt! :)
"Little Rascal" stod det och då tänkte jag att det måste ju vara du! Så jag gick in på din blogg och så var det du! Hihi! :)