Sunday, 20 July 2008


Me and my man went to a car boot sale today as well.
We found tons of clothes and cool stuff.
The only garments I kept for myself was a leopard
printed top with a half neck and puff sleeves and my
new favorite, a red gingham top that I swear I've seen
on my favorite Playboy bunny, Bridget.
The rest of the garments and stuff I'm gonna put up
for sale on Tradera tomorrow.

Bag 10 kr, £0.80, $1.60

Tin 2.50 kr, £0.20, $0.40

Coasters 8.50 kr, £0.70, $1.40

Mug and coaster 6 kr, £0.50, $1


Betty Lou said...

holly är min favvo.

superfina fynd du gör, jämt!

Little Rascal said...

Thanks, doll. :)

Vintage Darling said...

oh, you are so lucky, finding all this bargains all the time :D

annabananna said...

great finds! love the bag!

Lady Thirty said...

kanonfynd! älskar muggen :)

anna said...

oh man! I love the red bag, it's perfect. would you be willing to ship to Finland (on my cost, of course) if I bid and happened to win?

Little Rascal said...

Vintage Darling: Thank you sweetie. :)

Annabananna: Thank you dear. :)

Lady Thirty: Thanks doll. :)

Anna: Thank you sweetie. Yeah, it's very pretty. The bag is not for sale but there's a lot of other stuff that will be for sale on Tradera today or tomorrow.
I ship anywhere in Scandinavia, no problems, the shipping cost will be the same as to Sweden.

Alice said...

oh i love that suitecase !! <3