Thursday, 3 July 2008


My passion is to revamp things.
To make a cool thing even more cool.
Like this small wicker bag I finished today.
I haven't done much to it, sometimes it's
best not to overdo it.
I removed the horrible clasps (not pictured)
and made my own, then I added two flowers
on the outside and leopard printed felt on the
inside for a more exotic touch.

What to you think?


Miby said...

I always wanted to have one of those bags! They are just lovely! I can imagine the perfect scenery! Great creation!:)

Mrs Munster said...

Fabulous bag!

Little Rascal said...

Miby: This one is vintage but newer ones are not that hard to find.
I think they are kids picnic bags.
I got mine for only £1.

Mrs Munster: Thanks doll! :)

ray said...

wow i love it!the lineing is impressedxxx

Vintage Darling said...

love it!

annabananna said...

i just love what you did there! and there's something about wicker bags i just adore.

Zizzi said...

I love it!