Tuesday, 1 July 2008


I really can't stand when people talk/write about
something they obviously don't have the slightest
clue about but they think they do.
Like yesterday, I was sitting in the waiting room
at my surgery and picked up the May issue of ELLE.
And there it was... A page with rockabilly clothes
and accessories.
There's nothing rockabilly about it!
All I can see is fuggin' 1980's neon punk crap!
No billy in her right mind would wear yellow ankle
platform boots or anything else on that page.
Who the hell lost their head and picked that crap
together and decided to call it rockabilly?!
ELLE should know what they're talking about, right?
Sorry for the rant but I can't stand ignorant people,
it really grinds my gear.
OK, it's supposed to be so called "inspirational" but
it's still not rockabilly.
Personally I think I could have done a far better job.
Who ever did it should get sacked.

OK, kudos for the black high waist cigarette pant
but that's about it.


Betty Lou said...

fy fan vad jag hatar sånt!!!
typ byxorna, ev. kjolen. men den där skiiitfula väskan i vänstra hörnet gör mig spyfärdig.

vad det än gäller så blir jag arg när folk inte fattar vad som är vad och inte. när det fanns så där jobbigt många pandor vart jag förbannad, "jag är så 60-tal bla bla" skrev alla i sina skunkdagbokar men ingen var ens i närheten.

Mrs Munster said...

Holy cow! That article seems to be rubbish! Obviously the writer of that article has no sense of...anything?