Tuesday, 8 July 2008


On Sunday I helped my "brother in law" to clean his
newly decorated apartment and while I was cleaning
the kitchen my guy and I found this crockery set!
Since my brother in law is not into the 1950's at all
he gave it to me as a "thank you".
I've tried to do some research but can't find anything
useful about this crockery set, all I know is that it's
from Staffordshire Potteries and it's called "Berkley".
I want to at least know the year it was made...

We decided to keep our eyes open every time we're
in a charity shop or car boot sale because we really
want bowls from the same set.

We didn't really need another crockery set since we now
have four sets, three from the 1950's - 1960's and one new
but very retro looking from IKEA.


Lilly Lee said...

Himla tråkigt med din tatuering! Så trist när folk ska lägga in sina egna tolkningar på saker och ting! Underbar blogg du har förövrigt ! ;)

Little Rascal said...

Thanks doll. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found you here - cute blog! Anyway, just wanted to say, we had that crockery when I was growing up! So weird to see it on here! That said, I suppose being a Staffordshire girl I should hardly be surprised at having had Staffordshire Pottery!

Betty Lou said...

superfin. är på jakt efter en fin billig servis jag men men nget napp än. samma gäller en hawaii-skjorta. fattar inte hur svårt det ska vara, alla fina jag sett bärs redan av folk :( i ett avsnitt av my name is earl så har hans föräldrar svinsnygga skjortor, matchande såklart.

Karthick M said...

Excellent article - thanks! It seems that you have answered the best related to the Topic with all best example as well... Thanks again for spreading the good work in the Society ...


Mulberry Madavan said...

Did you find out anything about this set? I have it too (handed down from my parents) and have been trying to find out more about it!
Let me know!
Cathy (another magpie!)

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