Friday, 18 July 2008


I'm so tired, it feels like jet lag but it can't be since it's
only 1 hour time difference between England and Sweden.

We did lots of bargains in various charity shops such as
Stadsmissionen and Myrorna.
I also got tons of vintage clothes and things from the friend
we were staying at and a dear friend in the antique business.
(I don't know if I have energy right now to post pictures of
some of the stuff, maybe after the weekend.)

We had a great time at my favorite restaurant Hermans,
we ate there on two occasions, the food was delicious as
always and the view is spectacular.
The last night we stayed there for 6 hours!!!
There was a BBQ, my lovely friend Astrid came to see me
and there was a pretty good jazz band playing.
AND we saw a lady with a real beard!
I doubt anything can beat that evening.

Over all it was nice, except for my cat allergy, my mans
sudden and very painful Gout, the idiot that called me a
whore and picked a fight with my man.
I almost forgot to mention the rockabilly band we saw
and walked out on after only four songs. Enough said...

One of my favorite old neon signs in Stockholm.
(It's much cooler at night though.)

View from Hermans.

A funny sign at the Signspotting exhibition.

Now I got tons of reading up to do on my favorite blogs.


Betty Lou said...

jag har ätit på hermans en gång, går inte tillbaks kan jag säga. dom hade dock ett gott rödlöksbröd.

jag gick i skolan ovanför hermans, frans schartau. vi hade också finfin utsikt.

vill se bilder på allt du fått! så sätt fart ;D

Lady Thirty said...

kul att du är tillbaka till bloggvärlden :)
är precis som betty lou, nyfiken på bilder...