Friday, 4 September 2009


I've been so busy creating stuff this week that I almost forgot
to post pictures of some of my finds I made last Saturday.
It got a bit colorful this time around.

My man asked me out for a date this morning.
We decided to go on the sun bed to get some color and then
home for a quick shower and then off to St. Albans for a nice
Italian lunch.
Tonight we're gonna party with the Go Getters who are over
in the UK for the weekend. It's gonna get wild an crazy.

Matryoshka doll, £1.30.

Plastic wicker bag, 50 pence.

1950's Companion set, £2.50.
(Check out the pineapples!)



Jema Rose said...

Jättefina saker du köpte!

: )

Ha en trevlig & rolig helg!!!

KRAM, Jenny


Miss Wink said...

Oh I love the dolls :)

Have a very nice weekend darling, and I'll see you soon i London (I'm gonna reply to your mail later)

Lady Thirty said...

åh vilka fina saker :)