Wednesday, 16 September 2009


I went into town yesterday to run some errands.
As I went past my favorite charity shop I got a hunch
that I would grab a bargain if I only take a minute to
have a rummage.
I didn't even take me half a second to spot this big,
vintage style transparent bag for only 50 pence!
Perfect condition too, it only needed a good clean.

50 pence = 6 Kr, $0.85, € 0.55


Angel said...

That bag is amazing! Not good if you need feminine products though.

Jema Rose said...

SÅ häftig ju!!!

: )

KRAM, Jenny


Mrs Munster said...

That's quite fun bag. I couldn't carry it cause my bags are always full of rubbish, which I wouldn't want to show to other people!

Ms. B said...

I'd have to make sure everything in my purse was cute before I carried that but that is so cute!!!

Zizzi said...

Jag älskar transparanta väskor! Jättefin!