Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I'm so tired!
It's hard work having people staying over you know.
It's nice to finally have the house back for ourselves,
especially my hobby room.

I must say I had a pretty cool weekend after all.
I found some pretty neat stuff at the car boot sale on
Saturday, I will post pictures later.

On Sunday morning we drove Sandra to the airport.
On Sunday evening we went into Kings Cross to see
Slim Jim Phantom Trio at the club Monto Water Rats.
We had a laugh and hang out with the guy's backstage.
You might have no idea who Slim Jim Phantom Trio
is, maybe these names will ring a bell...
Slim Jim, Stray Cats (drums),
Mark Harman, Restless (guitar),
Steve Whitehouse, Frenzy (double bass).

Slim Jim.



Yesterday was a bank holiday here in the UK so we
had a long weekend.
It was nice and warm (26 C) so I did loads of laundry
and we had a BBQ.

My man likes to make a fuss.

Veggie burger stuffed with fresh spinach.


punk in writing said...

If the food tastes as good as it looks your man can come over to our kitchen and make all the fuss he wants. :D

Little Rascal said...

Nah, it's better if you come over a couple of days before Hemsby and relax and stuff yourself before the rocking weekend. :D

Little Rascal said...

On the other hand, yeah, we'll come over, then I can buy a huge batch of that vegan candy. :)

Celia Marco (Shoe Maker) said...

Yeah, I know Slim Jim... Could you ask him to come to Spain on tour? ;-)

sue said...

great fun - and love the veggie burger!


Jema Rose said...

Slim Jim, var det inte han som var gift med Britt Ekland, eller..?

: )

KRAM, Jenny