Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I'm doing the last bit of research for our trip to Prague.
I'm mostly searching for addresses to second hand shops to
be honest, I still remember my way around in Prague since
the last time I was there.

One thing I didn't see last time was this crazy house.
It's called Dancing House and it's created by Frank Gehry.
Since me and my man are suckers for the weird and unusual
I really hope we have time to go and see it.

I really love odd buildings and my absolute favorite is the
Jubilee Synagogue, also known as the Jerusalem Synagogue,
in Prague. It's so colorful and kitsch.

Another building that's super kitsch is the Great Synagogue
in Pilsen, also Czech Republic.
It looks like a synagogue for Barbie. Don't you think?

I can't believe we're going the day after tomorrow.
I'm so looking forward to go away and just relax and enjoy
a bit of culture for once.
My man said that it's nice to not have to bother looking all
cool and rocking. I totally agreed and said to him that we're
not going as rockabilly's - we're going as Jews.


Fleur de Guerre said...

Have a fabulous time, and YES to cherry bubbly at Hemsby! :D

Jema Rose said...

Vilka byggnader, WOW!!!

Det var så länge sedan jag var i Prag nu, men jag tyckte väldigt mycket om den staden..!

: )

Ha det helt UNDERBART på er resa!

KRAM, Jenny


Dotted With Hearts said...

"we're not going as rockabilly's - we're going as Jews."
hahahaha.. this is great!!

I think you can find good Prague shs guides on internet, but I would just like to say that I had wonderful experience with sh shops in Prague. I'm from Serbia and our shs are usually not so stylish and fancy as the ones I visited in Prague. It was one great shopping :_

I have founded great sh shops in the part of the town witch is not very popular by tourists. It is not on the same side of the river as the Old City.
God I wish that I could be more helpful!

Have a great time and good luck with findings! :)

fröken lila said...

i hope you have a great time there! i was a bit disappointed about the dancinge house when i went there 1,'t really nice and there was a lot of traffic around and the surroundings are not the best, really. maybe you should go there in the evening, but i don't know if it is illuminated or not..

tam said...

Oh lucky you!!!!! I went in August and its so lovely there, I saw the crazy building its very cool, have a great time x x

Jitterbugdoll said...

Lucky you--I hope you have a great time!

Zizzi said...

Åååh! Prag som är så fint!

punk in writing said...

Have a great trip! :)

Linnea said...

åh vad kul med en liten resa till Prag...så mysigt där men det var ett tag sedan jag var där. Hoppas du hittar några secondhandbutiker. Trevlig resa!