Saturday, 26 September 2009


Relaxed day so far.
It's nice and warm outside, feels more like late spring than
early autumn. Way to warm for a jacket or even a cardigan.
I've been making apple sauce with Muscovado sugar and a
lot of cinnamon and I got a whole lot of cool finds at the car
boot sale this morning.

The best find must have been the black autumn/winter coat
from Dorthy Perkins for only £2!
I love the design, very timeless and classic.
I've been looking around for a black coat but haven't found
one that I like yet and to be honest, I don't feel like spending
£50 on a new one.
I had to mend one of the pockets and remove some bobbles
but that was a quick fix.

The cassette case will be absolutely perfect to store craft in
while we're traveling.

I also bought yet another cute 1950's apron to my huge apron
collection. I can't help myself...

1950's apron, 50 pence.

Closeup on the pocket.

Closeup on the edge.

1960's eggcups, 30 pence.

Knitted dress, £1.

Coat, £2.

Vintage cassette case, 20 pence.

I totally forgot to post last weeks finds!
I didn't find much stuff but these are my favorites:

LP, £1.

These books were a present from my man.
The pink one cost £30 new but he got both for only £8.


Kitten said...

2 £ for a coat?! I've been looking for a nice coat for ages, what a lucky find for you! Like the cassette case too :)

Betty Lou said...

fina fynd som alltid! letar också efter en liknande kappa. £2 är verkligen ett galet bra fynd!

Little Rascal said...

Kitten: I know, it's silly, isn't it? :))

Betty Lou: Tackar... Den funkar ju till det mesta sa jag ar nojd och glad.

tam said...

Those egg cups are the cutest!!!!! I to have some 50's aprons so cute i love them x x

Jema Rose said...

Jättefina fynd, kul att du hittade en så fin kappa och SÅ billigt!

: )

KRAM, Jenny

Little Rascal said...

Tam: Thanks dear.
I might post all of them one day.

Jema Rose: Tackar. :)
Ja, jag trodde knappt mina oron. :))

Ms. B said...

I love your coat and your apron! So darling!!

Brook said...

Love the chicken scratch apron!!!

Bluebell Woods said...

I hope you wont mind, I borrowed your picture of the green checkered apron. Its like the one I made in school, very much like it. I am writing about aprons on my blog. If you wish I will remove the picture but hope you enjoy the post enough to allow me to keep it.